Not sure where to start to make your next meeting sustainable?

We're here to assist you, and make it easier for you to meet green. Whistler is inspired by its natural surroundings, with a passionate tradition of visionary and thoughtful commitment to the environment.


The resorts hotels, venues, restaurants, activity providers lead the industry in sustainable business practices. To learn more about Whistler’s green ratings, check out our scorecards on leading towards a sustainable future:


Take your green meetings to the next level – a comprehensive and integrated sustainable meeting experience. The Whistler Centre for Sustainability can help you get there. The Centre takes the expertise and leadership from Whistler's experience as a leader in sustainability and resort development, combined with on-the-ground best practices for businesses and communities, to deliver strategic sustainability consulting services and learning opportunities. These include green and zero carbon event reporting, sustainability workshops, guest speakers, and field study tours – all of which enable the Centre to customize a sustainability program to meet your needs.

Through the Centre’s unique services and programs it is now possible to take your organization to the next level in sustainability, elevate the quality of your programs according to sustainable guidelines while still hosting a world-class meeting within budget here in Whistler. They’re here to help accelerate the journey toward a sustainable future.

Contact: Cheeying Ho, Executive Director, Whistler Centre for Sustainability
Phone: 604.935.8209