The Spirit of Whistler

British Columbia’s rich First Nations cultures and mythological perspectives are a powerful platform upon which to build your next event. Traditional stories and rich symbolism will uniquely reflect your group culture or serve as a metaphor for change, new ideas or products.

The totem pole is an especially striking icon in British Columbia, in the Whistler region these poles are called Welcome Figures or Territory Markers. The ancient reminders connect us to the past and encourage us to consider new possibilities for the future. Sacred tales, animal spirits, and mythic creatures are all part of an oral history that continues to inspire the majesty of the poles. Each pole tells a clan story of legacy, loss, and history. Now we invite you to interpret your group’s story with the wisdom passed down from our elders.

Your company or association might be an eagle–– intelligent and resourceful, or a raven filled with curiosity and playful mischief or maybe a bear who teaches and nurtures the generations to come. Imagine defining your company story with First Nation’s folklore. Think about the power of gathering your people to define, design, carve and then raise your own corporate totem pole when you return home.

The power of this type of programming in the heart of our mountains, glacier lakes and old growth forests is powerful, relevant, and memorable. First Nation’s inspired programming helps to support meaningful employment, cultural awareness and revitalization and social programming throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor. We can partner your company or association with a local First Nation’s initiative that will fully support your internal message and gifting strategy.

A scared song, a powerful guest speaker, a blessing, a chance to carve a cedar pole, meet with First Nations community leaders, learning about change while reflecting on ancient ways––the learnings from these experiences creates lasting memories unique to you. We invite your clan to engage with our First Nation’s people of Whistler. In return, we know that Canada’s rich First Nation’s story and history will underscore your programming and message.

Programming Inspirations:

Commission and participate in the design, carving and raising of your corporate Totem Pole.

An ancient Talking Stick, Bentwood box or Feast dish as a metaphor for your meeting, and a lasting gift from your time in Whistler.

An evening gala Dinner inspired by First Nations imagery, gifts and entertainment.

Leave a legacy to assist a First Nation’s group in need.

A team building event where groups interpret corporate initiatives and changes with the metaphor of animal symbolism and ancient stories.