Audain Art Museum


The Audain Art Museum, designed by internationally-acclaimed Patkau Architects, features an outstanding permanent boutique collection of historical and contemporary Northwest Coast art, complimented with changing world-class temporary exhibitions. Its reception hall and galleries provide the perfect location for gatherings of all sizes, where guests will enjoy the surrounding artwork set amidst a stunning natural environment.

Sarah Bainbridge
P:(604) 848-5668
Audain Art Museum Flat Sheet

Room Capacities

Cressey Hall

Room size: 1,570 sq.ft.

Reception: 250 person capacity

Banquet: 120 person capasity

Temporary Galleries - Upper Floor

Room size: 2,625 sq.ft.

Reception: 219 person capacity

Banquet: 60-100 person capasity

Chrystal Gallery – First Nations Historical Gallery

Room size: 730 sq.ft.

Reception: 100 person capacity

Banquet: 60 person capasity

Education Room

Room size: 385 sq.ft.

Reception: 60 person capacity

Banquet: 32 person capasity

Audain Art Museum Board Room

Room size: 740 sq.ft.

Capacity: 22 people