Destination Management

It’s all about the details. Every little detail.

And most importantly it’s about getting it right, just right. Meet the local experts who offer planners a virtual extension of home office in the heart of Whistler. Our destination management companies take pride in dotting every “i” and crossing every “t”. They are your ears and eyes here on the ground and will inject your next meeting with local intelligence and flair. They can weigh- in as much or as little as you need, it’s up to you. But we’d encourage you to partner with the experts who drive creative, are reputed for savvy procurement, deliver technical production without a hitch, and notable customization from concept to delivery.

Maestro meet your lead violinist.

Providing Whistler experiences for meetings, incentives and events has been Cantrav’s mission since 1985 when we delivered Whistler’s first ever program.


Every aspect of Pacific Destination’s business is conducted with professionalism, integrity and unmatched creativity, ensuring smooth planning and execution of your program!


Rare Indigo pride ourselves on customizing every program with our ‘RARE’ brand of creativity.