CSR Activities

One way that companies can give back is to incorporate charitable activities into their meetings or incentives. Tourism Whistler can help you resource and identify projects. That ties together the message you want to get across to your attendees "A company that cares is a company that employees like to work for.", "Activities like this mesh well with a company's business goals and enhance a meeting agenda by getting participants working together." ,"People feel good about leaving a legacy and giving back." Are you looking at ways to make a difference?

In Whistler there are numerous opportunities to help with meaningful community projects while at the same time allowing attendees a chance to explore our beautiful area and participate in a teambuilding opportunity. It's about a bonding experience. Giving back and creating a lasting memory with your friends and coworkers.

Here are just a few ideas for CSR activities in our area:

  • Try a sit ski, and learn about diversity with Whistler Adaptive Sports
  • Gain awareness and understanding of Whistler’s first nations people
  • Clear invasive plant species
  • Dog walking with Whistler Animals Galore (WAG), an animal rescue service
  • Work with sled dogs to help the promotion of positive attitudes among people for the welfare and humane treatment of sled dogs and other animals with the Whistler Sled Dog Foundation.
  • Build and maintain the hiking trails
  • Experience first-hand the amazing abilities of avalanche rescue dogs.

Please contact us at Tourism Whistler if you’re interested in organizing a CSR opportunity for your group.