Whistler Mountain Roundhouse Lodge

The Roundhouse Lodge is located at a spectacular 6,069ft/1,850m above sea level at the top of Whistler Mountain. No group program in Whistler is complete without an unforgettable day or evening event at the Roundhouse Lodge.

This venue can accommodate up to 900 guests for a buffet style dinner, up to 1,500 guests for a reception style event, and up to 250 guests for a plate service event. Exclusive evening events are available year-round during regularly scheduled operating dates. Non-exclusive daytime functions such as breakfasts, lunches and après' are also available in both winter and summer.

Group Sales Contact: Elanor Bushfield
Phone: 604-905-3025
Email: ebushfield@whistlerblackcomb.com

Great Event Ideas

Exclusive Fire & Ice Show


Conde Nast Traveler’s says Whistler Blackcomb is:

  • No. 2 Best Place to Ski & Stay in North America
  • No. 1 Après – ski/activities
  • No. 2 Dining

Sustainability Efforts

Whistler Blackcomb’s environmental vision is to have a zero operating footprint. We aspire to inspire our staff and guests to be environmental stewards in their own communities. Our areas of focus are renewable energy, waste management and energy conservation. While we realize there is a long way to go before we reach our goal, there are a number of achievements and initiatives that we are working on. Every step counts.

New environmental initiatives include three energy conservation projects that will represent over 1.3 million kilowatt hours (kWh) in electrical savings, or the equivalent amount of power it takes to run 74 homes in British Columbia for one year. Whistler Blackcomb already saves more than 4.5 million kWh per year through its existing programs.